Meditiss® is the healthcare division of BekaertDeslee.

Specialists worldwide invent, develop and produce “smart” textile applications that optimize our sleeping comfort. The main focus is on the welfare of young and old people who need to spend a lot of time in bed, either at home or in the hospital. The Meditiss products provide an answer to the most common causes of bad sleep such as dust mites and allergies, incontinence and heat and perspiration.

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Meditiss Pure

The PURE mattress protector uses the revolutionary technology Purotex®. Active probiotics are incorporated in an intelligent way into the textile. These probiotics protect you from dust mite allergens that trigger allergic reactions.

Purotex® is nature’s own technology for a clean, fresh and healthy sleep environment.

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Meditiss Safe

The Safe Comfort is a waterproof mattress protector with optimized comfort for the sleeper. Thanks to the ventilating PU-film, the mattress protector is 100% waterproof, even on the sides.

The comfortable knit structure creates a layer of air underneath the body and turns the product into a super soft, white wash resistant and antibacterial mattress protector.

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The Protect mattress fabric offers 
the best sleeping environment for babies and young children. The ventilation layer in this textile offers a sophisticated air circulation so that sweat evaporates.

This reduces the risk of overheating and suffocation. When bed wetting or drooling, the child can continue to
 enjoy a dry sleep. The soft and resilient material contributes to a superior lying and sitting comfort.

High performing fabrics for healthcare.

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