Great design. Outstanding comfort.

Hero image for XCITE®

XCITE® makes your mattress spark

XCITE® combines comfort and design and elevates your take on what a mattress could look and feel like. By creating a mattress that not only feels smooth but also breathes and ventilates, we bring innovation to the next level.

Designed for performance

In addition to the technical quality of the mattress, the design of the product is becoming a more important element in the modern consumer’s buying decision. Our designers off er you a range of beautiful designs that can be customized to tell the story of your product.

Zoned ventilation

Zoned ventilation is a breakthrough in terms of combining ventilation and comfort. The alternation of open and bulky zones ensures a perfectly soft, comfortable and ventilating mattress.

XCITE® in a nutshell

• Patent pending technology

• Unique design

• Super functional

• Zoned ventilation

• 100% recyclable product

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