SCOOP™ 006

SCOOP™ 006

2 months ago

The Color Issue

In a fast-paced world it can be challenging to forecast the hues that will surround us in the coming years. This week we'll look at the important shifts occurring today that will directly impact the colors of the future.  In this issue we'll get inspired by the world of biomimicry. Today product designers often use the same, very predictable inspiration resources and many forget they have a resource all around them – nature. And as our technology evolves so does the process of design. Boundaries between design, science and technology become unclear and result in actively experimenting with digital and algorithm-driven smart tools.

Photo: Church Of Beatified Restituta

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Image for BekaertDeslee wins the very first NBF Sustainability award!

BekaertDeslee wins the very first NBF Sustainability award!

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