Scoop™ 008

Scoop™ 008

1 month ago


The home will increasingly offer a sanctuary space from the uncertainty of the outside world, growing into an entire ecosystem of needs, activities and products. Our main theme of this issue will cover all there is to know about our home as a sanctuary, from new attitudes to the psychology of cocooning and the importance of protective materials. Furthermore get amazed by our theme "Mush Hues" a concept that we've discovered during the VDF x Ventura collaboration. Take a closer look and identify what the new vision is regarding textile related prints. Catch-up on the final chapter of our four part series related to consumer insight, and take a closer look at Adidas's public trial of its endlessly recyclable trainer, created as part of the company’s drive to conform to the principles of the circular economy.

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Image for BekaertDeslee wins the very first NBF Sustainability award!

BekaertDeslee wins the very first NBF Sustainability award!

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