Scoop™ 009

Scoop™ 009

1 month ago


Stark, empty streets around the world have been one of the most visually arresting images of the Covid-19 pandemic. This week's main theme "Wasteland" looks at the devastating power of nature to challenge our complacency and asks if there is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. We will talk about "New Organics", as natural materials become more desirable to consumers, this is driving a new wave of natural, tactile products that also enable consumers to reduce their environmental impact. We'll discover Pantone's color of the year for 2021 and as a must watch we look at "The leftovers exhibition" where six Swedish design studios have produced items and materials from industrial waste.

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Image for BekaertDeslee wins the very first NBF Sustainability award!

BekaertDeslee wins the very first NBF Sustainability award!

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