Image for We say hello @ interzum

We say hello @ interzum

Stylish, soft, scented textiles that trigger all your Senses!
Image for BekaertDeslee introduces: Senses!

BekaertDeslee introduces: Senses!

Image for BekaertDeslee wins Interzum prize!

BekaertDeslee wins Interzum prize!

BekaertDeslee presents the first Sleep Dimension: Climate! Climate offers specifically engineered textiles to optimize temperature and moisture management. We sought to create a mattress that represents Climate visually as well as technologically. We did this using 4 Climate brands: Tencel, Cairfull, Adaptive and Sensapole. BekaertDeslee combines all four brands to create the ideal sleeping surface. Discover our range of Climate solutions! #BekaertDeslee #SleepDimensions #climate

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