Hero image for Aeroshape

A breathable mattress fabric makes for a good night’s rest and is of vital importance for your overall well-being. A high permeability textile deals with perspiration during the night, guaranteeing a dry, uninterrupted sleep. Aeroshape is our latest innovation in circular knitting. A high-performance textile with several technical benefits to offer you the best sleeping experience possible.


Aeroshape allows you to manage different levels of breathability on the sleep surface. Through extensive testing, an independent lab in Belgium was able to prove that Aeroshape has an Air permeability reading of 1100 liter/m2/second. This innovative functionality gives you the possibility to create zones with higher air permeability wherever the body needs it most. Aeroshape is a flexible yet firm fabric with a biaxial stretch up to 50% in all directions with a recovery of approximately 97%. After washing, the textile has a shrinkage of 5% or less. This stability, in combination with the high stretch and recovery possibilities, offers the ideal functionality for a cover textile.


In contrast with past spacer fabrics that were limited in their designs, Aeroshape offers the ability to create surface designs that show the high functionality found within the fabric. By creating smart design styles, these higher air permeability zones can be highlighted on the Aeroshape covers and this way, creating high detail designs while delivering technical performance.

Aeroshape is about so much more than air ventilation and airflow. It is our first Monofilament Spacer fabric that not only offers high permeability, but also an unlimited array of design possibilities using up to 4 colors.

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