Canola Flower is a bright yellow flower that can usually be found in vast fields where their exuberant color transforms whole landscapes. The oil of the flower is used for a large number of natural applications such as for example biodiesel and bio-plastics.

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The Canola Flower serves a number of purposes and is what you can call a natural superhero as it is an environmentally friendly product that creates no residual waste.

Canola seeds contain about 43% oil. What is left after the seeds are crushed is used for several purposes such as animal feed and fertilizer. It is also the third most imporant vegetable oil on the planet.

The canola plant is also a fast renewable resource as the lifecycle of the plant only takes 3½ months.


The presence of these negative ions has several health benefits. Positive ions make us feel uncomfortable and irritable while negative ions make us feel more relaxed and refreshed. Negative ions are omnipresent near waterfalls, in forests, in valleys and jungles and provide fresh and clean air.

Canola Flower is a natural superhero as it not only serves a number of different purposes, but also contains a high amount of negative ions.

The amount of negative ions we reach with Canola is approximately 800+ negative ions/cm³

Negative ions make you feel refreshed and alive.

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