The enemy of all stains. Stainaway is an all-round everlasting wipeable textile finish that will impress the upholsterer, hotelier, host or guest in you. 

Hero image for StainAway

The Stainaway textile finish has proven to be the ultimate stain protection for upholstery fabrics. Jam, juice, scrambled eggs or a whole English breakfast at once can be easily wiped off your bed. Stainaway can be applied on every upholstery fabric. It protects textile against water- and oil-based dirt.
Stainaway is not a coating, it’s a textile finish with an extremely high durability. That makes Stainaway literally the finishing touch.

5 reasons to use StainAway:

  1. Easy wipeable
  2. Everlasting quality
  3. Hygenic and allergen reducing
  4. Eco-responsible
  5. Sales motivating

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